In a world where it is increasingly challenging to get students interested in classroom lessons, especially in core subject areas such as Math, Science, Art, Craft, etc. hands-on education and environmental education offers an enriching way for both students and teachers to appreciate subject matter better and increase participation and interest among students

Hands-on education emphasises specific critical thinking skills central to “good science”–questioning, investigating, forming hypotheses, interpreting data, analysing, developing conclusions, and solving problems. Atlab brings some of the world’s best, chosen solutions to the schools in the region to enable a hands-on learning environment in our region.



Atlab STEM Academy is an initiative of Atlab, world’s leading education training and learning solutions provider. Atlab has partnered with some of the pioneers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) solutions to engineer a curriculum that caters to the needs of Indian education system.

Atlab STEM Academy offers more than 70 project-based STEM units, suitable for Grades 3 - 10 and each delivered through a combination of hands-on activities and individualized instruction, designed as a complete solution to deliver CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE curriculum, through fun based activity learning methodology.



With the development of global economy, there is an increased demand world over for extremely high skilled technical workforce that can be employed in both the government and the private sectors. This has transformed the way Higher Educational Institutions and Vocational Schools prepare students to meet the challenges in the new workplace.


Oil & Gas and Industrial Training

The GCC region is home to some major O&G industries and other high technology industries such as Aviation, Metal, Automotive, Manufacturing, etc. Such industries are in constant need for a highly skilled workforce in the form of Operators, Engineers, Service Engineers, etc.

Also, technological innovation brings new challenges of new equipment, machinery, systems, and processes to these industries and it is imperative that the existing workforce is trained on such new systems and equipment to optimize cost, increase productivity, and increase profitability.



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