LearnMate® Learning Management System by

LearnMate LMS is a revolutionary tool that delivers curriculum using multiple instructional strategies, providing a responsive and proactive environment for differentiated instruction.

Deliver SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model)-compliant and AICC (Aviation Industry CBT [Computer-Based Training] Committee) -compliant content.

LearnMate® 7 can be run in all popular browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome.

Administration and Class Management

  • Automate classroom management
  • Quickly and easily set up classes
  • Produce enriched multi-level reports
  • Track student and class progress
  • Create student certifications
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting
  • Focus on students instead of administrative tasks!

Easy student self-enrollment

  • All courses in LearnMate® can be assigned an enrollment key, enabling users to self-enroll in subsequent courses, thereby reducing back office work for instructors.

Robust Gradebook

  • Instructors see grades for all students in the course, and can configure the gradebook settings. Students only see their own grades.

Easy Course Administration

  • License courses to a maximum number of enrolled users.
  • Backup and archive courses.
  • Automate server backups of the entire site.

Flexible User Groups

  • Organize students in the same class into groups, or use groups to administer one course for separate classes.
  • Group students manually or have LearnMate automate the process.
  • Grade assignments by group.
  • Set up courses with more than one instructor or have a teaching assistant lead the course.


  • Course and Activity Reports provide data such as student participation, activity usage, course logs, test results, assignment grades and number of users who selected a specific choice.
  • Aggregated Reports can be viewed onscreen, printed and exported to a spreadsheet.
  • Average Assessment Grades show the average score for a select assessment for a school, district, state and country.
  • Certificates Issued shows the number of a specific certificate issued course- wide or site-wide.
  • Test Comparison compares pre and post-test scores.
  • Licensing Reports show the total number of licenses allotted and used for an organization or course.

Outcomes Management

  • Support outcomes in a hierarchical structure.
  • Group outcomes into skills standards.
  • Map outcomes to questions within an assessment.
  • Detailed outcome mapping and student progress tracking reports:
    • Student Outcomes (aggregated): Details student progress per outcome in all courses in which a student is enrolled.
    • Student Outcomes (course): Details student progress per outcome for all activities in a course.
    • Outcome Mappings: Details all outcome-activity mappings site-wide for a select standard.
    • Course Outcomes (course): Details progress for all students in a course based on outcome mappings for all activities in that course.

Deliver robust curriculum in a format that engages today’s digital learners

E-Learning Curriculum Delivery
  • Deliver consistent content across single or multiple classes
  • Create media-rich, interactive content
  • Direct activity and project-based learning
  • Enhance learning with authentic activities and scenarios
  • Incorporate multiple instructional strategies
Curriculum delivery
  • Deliver SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model)-compliant and AICC (Aviation Industry CBT [Computer-Based Training] Committee)-compliant content.
  • In addition to online courses, LearnMate® courses can include multiple other activities and resources, including:
    • Assessments
    • Assignments (offline and online)
    • Web, HTML and text pages
    • Files for downloading or online viewing
    • Certificates
Support for all popular browsers
  • LearnMate® 7 can be run in all popular browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome.
Software launching
  • Virtual 3D software applications used in Intelitek courses like RoboCell® and CNCMotion® can be launched directly from each content course.
Accessible resources for users
  • Quick access to task-specific instructions is available on most pages.
  • Video demos of common tasks
  • Glossaries available with content
  • LearnMate® LMS supports some 75+ languages. The LearnMate® Author interface can create content in any language.
Online learning community
  • For instructors, administrators and students, the LearnMate® community enables a dynamic environment for learning, including forums, real-time chat and e-mail.
  • Students can engage in group discussions and projects and interact with instructors.
  • Teachers can post assignments, create daily topics, get instant feedback from students.
  • Share resources and collaborate.
Social and collaborative learning
  • Post, search and subscribe to forums, or have forum messages sent to an external email.
  • Create Wikis and blogs to enhance students’ educational experience

Create, deliver and track secure online assessments

Secure Assessments
  • Create, deliver and track computer-based assessments
  • Evaluate level of student understanding and pinpoint skills gaps
  • Establish any portion of content as an assessment
Scalable accountability
  • Track data with aggregated reporting on student outcomes, competencies, and learning gaps at multiple levels: school, district, county or state
  • Provide valid record of learning with certifications
Standards mapping
  • Map student and school performance to local, state and national standards
A robust assessment delivery platform:
  • Supports a secure assessment environment:
    • Password protection
    • Limiting of assessment-taking to a specific IP
    • Shuffling of questions and answers
  • Multiple question types including:
    • Calculated
    • Essay
    • Hotspot
    • Matching and Ordering
    • Multiple choice
    • True/False
  • Optional feedback for correct or incorrect responses.
  • Use of all types of media in question stems, responses and feedback.