ATLAB offers you the data collection and analysis tools of American manufacturer PASCO scientific, which has been successfully operating worldwide for over 50 years. Their advantages are simple and intuitive operation, robustness, progressiveness, and support of different hardware platforms.
"Why Choose PASCO?

Modern tools and technology are necessary for student success in science. And deciding who should deliver those solutions can be a daunting task. But we at ATLAB feel that no one combines innovative, easy to use products with world-class support like PASCO

Today teachers and students in more than 100 countries use PASCO solutions. PASCO’s complete program support includes custom implementation planning, standards alignment, curriculum integration, and systemic professional development."

and " Preferred Partner for STEM Education Delivering Digital Content, Modern Technologies, and Professional Development"

SPARKvue Software. Cross platform software for Mac & PC with free apps for iOS, Chromebooks and Android tablets and smartphones. This is our general use, intuitive software for data collection and analysis. For physics/engineering applications using computers we also offer PASCO Capstone software.

Our growing line of Wireless Sensors. Currently we offer Temperature, pH, Force/acceleration, Pressure, Conductivity, Light, Voltage and Current with The Wireless Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensor to be announced shortly and available in the next few months. They are low cost, don't require an interface or other equipment, are easy to use and feature in-app pairing, cross platform support and logging mode for long term experiments.

The Wireless Spectrometer. It has it's own free, standalone software and has numerous applications in chemistry, biology and even physics.

The Smart Carts. PASCO created the first dynamics carts for the classroom and now they've taken the next leap forward with the Smart Cart. It features on board sensors including a wheel encoder for measuring position, velocity and acceleration, a 100 N load cell to measure pushes, pulls and collision forces, a 3-axis accelerometer to give acceleration in any direction and the resultant acceleration and a 3-axis gyro for measuring rotation. All of this information is transmitted wirelessly and the Smart Cart can be used on our tracks or any other surface.

PASCO Teacher Guides

Inquiry-based manuals designed for teacher and student success

Our teacher guides support NGSS and are standards-based and STEM- and Common Core-focused. Each guide contains a detailed teacher manual, complete with guided-inquiry lab activities, background materials,tips, suggested answers, and much more. Student handouts (editable Word document) and full teacher edition (PDF) are also included in an electronic version.

PASCO Advanced Teacher Guides

Suitable for advanced-level, AP®, and IB® courses*

Our advanced-level teacher guides cover the new standards set by the College Board. They are designed to address specific learning objectives and science practices. The manuals include sample data for initial investigations as well as a number of inquiry possibilities, answers to analysis and synthesis questions, a rubric for assessing student inquiry, teacher tips and lab preparation information.



Environmental & Earth Sciences

PASCO’s Sensor-based Solutions for Advanced Environmental & Earth Sciences

PASCO’s sensors and SPARKvue software make collecting reliable data in the field a breeze. Measuring water quality metrics, location data, and enhanced visual observation are all possible with our easy-to-use solution. For controlled experiments, model ecosystems with PASCO’s EcoZone™ System that works with probeware! In the following Advanced Environmental and Earth Sciences section, you will find instructional resources, plus a wealth of sensorbased,hands-on lab activities and classroom applications.

The Following are four sensors for Earth & Environmental Science you can’t do without!

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor - PS-2196

PASCO’s new Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor makes it easier than ever before to measure dissolved oxygen in the field or in a lab environment. The luminescent technology means that there is no flow dependency (no stirring required); no warm-up time; no calibration required; low maintenance; built-in temperature and pressure compensation; can measure gaseous as well as dissolved oxygen.

Perform these labs with the Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor:
  • Monitoring Water Quality
  • Measuring Net Primary Productivity
  • Modeling Ecosystems
  • Photosynthesis, Respiration, and Fermentation Labs

GPS Position Sensor - PS-2175

Includes Sensor Extension Cable

Use this sensor when you need to know where you are and where you are going – exactly. Record data with a wide variety of PASCO sensors to explore relationships in measurements between different locations or conditions. Study the motion of a car around a highway loop, accurately correlate weather observations with locations, and reliably locate water quality measurements along the length of a stream.

Perform these labs with the GPS Position Sensor
  • Geocaching
  • Microclimates:Exploring GPS
  • Monitoring the Quality of Water

Weather/Anemometer Sensor - PS-2174

Includes Sensor Extension Cable.

More advanced than the Weather Sensor, this hand-held weather station also measures wind speed and wind chill, wind gusts, and humidity index. Use it to monitor conditions during a passing storm. By adding the GPS Position Sensor, weather patterns can be investigated over an extended area.

Perform these labs with the Weather/Anemometer Sensor
  • Atmosphere: Tracking the Weather
  • Microclimates
  • Monitor Water Quality
  • Urbanization and Land Use
  • Weather in a Terrarium

Advanced Water Quality Sensor -PS-2230

Includes Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe (mg/L, %), Stainless Steel Temperature Probe, Conductivity 10x Probe, pH Probe, Ambient Barometric Pressure (built into sensor box)

The new Advanced Water Quality Sensor provides unmatched capability and value. With the addition of the new Optical Dissolved Oxygen probe, this new MultiMeasure™ sensor simultaneously measures dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, and conductivity.

Perform these labs with the Advanced Water Quality Sensor
  • Monitoring Water Quality
  • Determining Soil Quality
  • Water Treatment
  • Modeling an Ecosystem
  • Yeast Respiration
  • Toxicology in Yeast


PASCO’s Solutions for Physics

In the Physics classroom of today, inquiry-based, handson activities must combine with technology designed for education to keep students engaged and increase science literacy. PASCO’s STEM-based Physics solutions include topics such as mechanics, electricity and magnetism, optics, thermodynamics, waves, and more.

In the following Physics section, you will find instructional resources, plus a wealth of classroom applications.

Four essentials for Physics you can’t do without!

MatchGraph!™ App

for Windows®, Mac®, and iPad®

Projectile Launcher Smart Gate System


The Projectile Launcher Smart Gate System includes:
Mini Projectile Launcher: ME-6825A
Photogate Mounting Bracket: ME-6821A
Smart Gate: PS-2180
Aluminum Table Clamp: ME-8995
45-cm Stainless Steel Rod: ME-8736

PASCO’s latest offering for Physics is the Projectile Launcher Smart Gate System. This new system provides accurate launch velocity and repeatability.

With this new system you can:
  • A Vary height.
  • A Vary angle.
  • A Vary launch speed.
  • A Measure accurately with Smart Gate.

Basic PAStrack Dynamics System


Dynamics Track Optics Kit