In their eyes, it’s a toy. In their hands, it’s a tool.

LEGO® Education Preschool solutions stimulate your children’s natural curiosity to explore together and learn through play. The safe, durable LEGO Education solutions develop your preschoolers from where they are and give them the social skills to collaborate and communicate with the world around them; letting them discover their own capabilities and acquiring fundamental skills for school readiness and for life. With LEGO Education Preschool, there are so many ways to learn, together.

Help your preschoolers develop and progress

There’s something magical about putting LEGO bricks in children’s hands. It awakens and opens their imagination. They’re the perfect way of taking preschoolers through the five key learning areas that are important for early childhood development (Creative Exploration, Social Emotional Development, Understanding the World, Early Math and Science, and Early Language and Literacy) and teaching them skills to prepare for school. You’ll quickly see how the LEGO Education solutions help your children develop and grow from where they are.

Curriculum relevant - built on the five key learning areas for preschool.

Prepare children for elementary school and life-long learning.

High-quality, durable bricks are safe for small hands.

Develop essential life skills

Social skills and the ability to work effectively with others are important to a child’s success. Using a hands-on approach, LEGO Education Preschool solutions enable children to work together to construct and discover their world. They’ll build from their imagination and use the scenarios to learn basic problem-solving and communication skills.

Develop 21st-century skills through hands-on learning.

Cognitive and Language development.

Social and emotional development.

Developed by experts, made for you

Our LEGO Education Preschool solutions are developed with educational experts around one or two developmental areas. By focusing on these key areas, LEGO Education solutions can easily be integrated into your existing lesson plans.

The accompanying teacher activities give you access to structured and guided experiences, in addition to all of the exciting free play opportunities that the solutions offer. All LEGO Education Preschool solutions are designed to be used by several children at once, perfect for collaborative play and learning.

Developed by educational experts around key areas of learning.

Great for free play, or as a guided experience using the included teacher resources.

Engage several children at once in a collaborative group environment.