Tablet Eco System

Classroom Management Solutions

Responding to the growing use of mobile technology in the modern classroom and the increased adoption of BYOD initiatives. One consistent element across grades K-12 is that active learning is taking place, all students involved or engaged in an activity. The key element in classroom management, that ensure students are actively participating and focused in the learning process.

We provide Classroom Management solutions that work with any device that empowers educators where they can easily connect with students, launch URL’s, Sen Message to Students, create question and distribute at the real time, , file transfer , controlling students devices, conducting classroom survey etc.

Digital Teaching & Learning Solutions

Our ITSI Solution consists of a suite of products that facilitates blended teaching and learning in a variety of contexts and settings ranging from a traditional classroom to a flipped learning environment.

Educators make use of CAPS approved eBooks from the available publishers as a base and can then enhance the eBooks by adding additional information in the appropriate places within the eBooks.

This process makes it possible for educators to provide the latest information in every student's textbook within seconds and with minimal effort. This gives the educators a chance to 'create' their own personalized eBooks. Educators can also create electronic class tests for students to complete on their tablets.

Mobile Device Management Solutions

Keeping students safe from any unwanted material and applications is a must when it comes to digital Education. To address all these issues, we provide a quality Mobile Device Management Solutions that is specially designed for education purpose, that provides undivided attention in the classroom, at home or anywhere, that provides time based device control and usage supervision.

Tablets Charge & Sync Solution

We provide quality and affordable solution for safely store, charge and sync for your USB devices through compact lockable trolley that comes in different colors which holds the trays inside. Comes in a choice of colors and will hold either three or two trays.